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Revisiting the perils and responsibilities of science communication


Image by: Discover Magazine Blogs

This week on Terra Informa, we revisit discussions some of the world’s big problems, like climate change and antimicrobial resistance, and how the communication of information about them can either be motivating or discouraging.

In June 2019, Terra Informer Dylan Hall interviews PhD Candidate Scott Mitchell on a presentation he delivered at the 2019 Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences on the story of antimicrobial resistance, what this ‘apocalypse’ has in common with climate change, and how the public isn’t always getting the message.

Additionally, Terra Informer Curtis Blandy gives a run-down of how our team is socially isolating during this COVID-19 pandemic.

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No Big Oil Bailouts When Canadians Need it More

Coastal Gas Link continues to work on unceded Wet’suwet’en land amid the COVID-19 pandemic


Revisiting Menstruation Innovation


Photo credit: Citizen Matters

This week on Terra Informa we are revisiting an episode that first aired in April of 2019, and continues to be an important environmental and equity issue. The episode is called “Menstruation Innovation”. Just like the gendered impacts of the covid19 crisis are getting little media attention, environmental issues that predominantly affect women are not talked about enough. This episode features headline news, research, and audio from an event organized by then-Terra Informer Sydney Karbonik.

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Terra Misinforma 2020: Conspiracy Edition


Image by: Evan Littauer

At Terra Informa, we know that climate change affects us all… and that includes the vast range of conspiracy communities. Worried about how our changing climate is going to affect the flat earth, or Bigfoot’s habitat? Well, this week, we’re broadcasting straight from the center of the hollow moon to bring you the F-A-C-T-S.

For maximum impact, listen to this episode on April 1st.

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Memes & Decolonization


Meme by Nigel Henri Robinson (@nazoonigel)

Have you ever thought about the connection between the dank memes you consume and the process of decolonization? Or about how the power of meme to restructure or recreate the reality we know?
For this week’s episode, Terra Informer, Carter Gorzitza, got to sit down with Nigel Henri Robinson (@nazoonigel), to discuss his own meme practice and the deeper context behind memes that slap.

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Yellowhead Institute’s Red Paper – Landback

Nigel’s Instagram (@Nazoonigel)


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Indigenous Solidarity During #RECONCILIATIONISDEAD

Photo from CTV Vancouver Island

This week on Terra Informa, we discuss the issues surrounding the Coastal Gas Link Project, that is being proposed to run through Wet’suwet’en territory in northern British Columbia. We give you a background on what the CGL project is and the current timeline surrounding its development, why this pipeline project is being opposed, actions of solidarity with Wet’suwet’en occuring around the world, and how the conflict has been being covered by the media.
In this episode, we feature audio from the occupation by the youth for Wet’suwet’en at the Victoria legislature in Lekwungen territories and an interview with Jessica Mayhew. Thank you to Takaiya Blainey, Kolin Sutherland, Saul Brown, Jessica Mayhew, and all other Indigneous youth fighting for a livable future. 

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To stay up to date and informed follow @gidmtencheckpoint and @tapiocastarch on Instagram, or the hashtags #alleyesonwetsuweten and #shutdowncanada. You can also find more information about donating to Indigenous folks on the frontlines on websites like unistoten.camp and yintahaccess.com

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Managing Climate Grief in 3 Easy Steps


Image credit: Friends of the Earth

This week on Terra Informa, we discuss climate grief; a term that has increasingly entered into the public awareness. We’ll take a look at what climate grief is and how it can manifest, then listen to advice from life coaches and personal instructors Sarah Connor and Michael James on how to cope. Sarah and Michael shared their presentation at the October 2019 Change for Climate Talks with three simple, but not so easy steps for managing climate grief.

Their advice:

  1. Figure out your purpose.
  2. Eat, sleep, and exercise.
  3. Make a plan

We’ll hear from Terra Informers Sonak Patel, Andrea Miller, and Elizabeth Dowdell as they share thoughts on the talk, put this advice into practice, and cope with climate grief. 

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Reject Teck Part 2: All My Relations

This week on Terra Informa we share the second part of an interview with Eriel Deranger, co-founder and Executive Director of Indigenous Climate Action, where we talk about what it means to live in relation to each other and the environment.

In Reject Teck Part 1: Who is Teck?! we shared a background on the mining company Teck Resources Ltd and Eriel explained why the proposed Frontier Oilsands Mine should be rejected. Just before we aired that episode on February 25th, the RejectTeck campaign tasted sweet sweet victory.

Sort of.

Teck rejected itself in a letter published February 23, where it removed it’s application for environmental approval.

While that project has been shelved, the interview we share with you today is deeply relevant because it covers themes that include the ongoing way we approach resource projects, the environment, and each other across this country. Eriel is organizing and campaigning about more than one oilsands mine. Indigenous Climate Action is an Indigenous climate justice organization. That means working to put Indigenous rights and leadership front and center in a climate transition strategy that protects the land, water, and resources we all rely on. 

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Reject Teck Part 1: Who is Teck?!

This week on Terra Informa we share the first part of an interview with Eriel Deranger, Executive Director and co-founder of Indigenous Climate Action, one of the organizations behind Reject Teck. Reject Teck a grassroots campaign challenging the Teck Frontier oilsands project and the Canadian government, that has made headlines at COP25, Fire Drill Fridays, and in other news. Eriel has a lot of knowledge to share about the Teck project, the larger resource development process in Canada and Alberta, and organizing to protect the environment and take climate action.

Update: As of February 23, 2020, the Teck Resources Ltd has withdrawn the Frontier mine project from the environmental assessment approval process.

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The Many Forms of Climate Action


Photo of a climate strike in Edmonton, Alberta by Hannah Cunningham

This week, Terra Informers Charlotte Thomasson, Andy Silva, and Shawn Hou discuss the different forms that climate action can take. What are the differences between collective and individual action, and is one more important than the other?

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